LEONA – Gallery

Leonas first 2 shows in adult open class 24 months+ right after turning 24 months.
dsc_1692BOS with CAC at the National dogshow in Luleå, Sweden 14/8-2016
Thanks to judge and breed specialist Samuel Carlid, Sweden.
(BOB – TigerLiljas Light Years Ahead)

dsc_1587 dsc_1620 dsc_1625 dsc_1629 dsc_1630 dsc_1632x


BF2 with R-CAC at the National Dogshow in Överkalix, Sweden 13/8-2016

  Leona as a youngster before 24 months.

kollage-pitea-int-16BF2 with R-CACIB & R-CAC at the International Dogshow in Piteå 2016.
Thanks to judge and breed specialist Anna Lena Angeria, Sweden.

dsc_0026xxBF3 with CAC & R-CACIB at the International Dogshow in Kokkola, Finland 2016.
Thanks to judge Elisabeth Spillman Åkerlund, Sweden.



BOS with CAC at the National Dogshow in Nordkjosbotn, Norway 2016.
Thanks to judge Arne Foss, Norway.
(BOB – CH Siruliinun Treasure Of The Sun)


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Leona as a PUPPY!


BEST TEMPERAMENT in Show at the Northern Swedish Chihuahua Speciality, Kalix 2015. Leona was also BOB & BISS-3 Puppy & BISS-3 Brace with daddy Elton!
Thanks to judge & breed specialist Maarit Hassinen, Finland.
7 months old


dsc_0508dsc_0898 dsc_0883 dsc_0880 dsc_0874 dsc_0850 dsc_0502 dsc_0497 dsc_0476 dsc_0082

Photos from her FIRST puppyshow. She was BOB Puppy and just owned the ring with her crazy happy temperament. Only 4,5 months old.

dsc_0750dsc_0089 dsc_0090 dsc_0125x dsc_0544 dsc_0557 dsc_0600 dsc_0602 dsc_0594dsc_0611 dsc_0570dsc_0656 dsc_0591dsc_0683 dsc_0698 dsc_0719 dsc_0739dsc_0722


6 weeks & 5 days <3
Such a little sweetheart..!!


dsc_0183s dsc_0176sdsc_0162s


5 weeks & 5 days..

dsc_-117sdsc_-116s dsc_-125s  dsc_0300s


3 weeks & 4 days..
Me & Leonas breeder Jenny started to call her ”grädden” (creamy) because she was the biggest, fattest and the most furred of the siblings. Such a sweet furry little ball.
By the nick-name ”grädden” we also decided her pedigree-name ”Crème the la Crème”. Witch is basicly means ”the best of the best”. In Swedish ”Grädden på moset/det där lilla extra”. The one that has that little extra to bring..

Leona was already at that age very active and liked to be around and get attention. In the photo below, she was just about to fall asleep on my arm. <3

dsc_0046 dsc_0503s


2 weeks & 5 days..

dsc_0092s dsc_0117s dsc_0124s dsc_0141s dsc_0164s dsc_0173s dsc_0186s dsc_0203s

Below are photos from our first very special moment. The first time I met Leona she decided to tell me that we belong to eachother right away. She opened her eyes for the first time, for me, as I was looking at her through the camera lens. <3

You had me at ”hello”.
1 week & 4 days old..

dsc_0027s dsc_0029s dsc_0107s



All 4 newborn puppies <3

Unfortunatly Leonas black brother didn’t make it and died only 3 days old.. </3